In person Tastings @ Boyle's Kildare

We have just launched a series of in person wine and spirit tastings on Friday evenings through the summer available to order through our web shop (click button above)

A) June 17th @ 7:30pm (Friday) New V's Old world wines

Find out the differences between new and old-world wines?. Explore first-hand how innovative wines from New World regions challenged the long-held traditions of wine making from the old world and how tradition and knowledge can lead to the same grape varieties giving wines with more complexity and depth of flavour.

B) July 15th @ 7:30pm (Friday) Natural Wines

What are natural wines?. Discover how wine makers are going back to their roots, how old techniques and methods to being used to produce delicious low intervention wines. Taste the effects terroir and grape varietal can have on a wine when wine makers take a gentler approach and work with the climate, yeast, and elements of the region. .

C) July 22nd @7:30pm (Friday) Whisk(e)y tasting!

What a difference a year in wood makes! Taste through different aged whiskey and whiskey aged in different woods to taste the influence age and wood has on whiskey. Whiskey makers and bonders are experimenting all the time with different woods and length of aging to give the best product at the best price for the liquid. Join us for an interactive tasting of whiskies that highlight the wood.

D) August 19th @ 7:30pm (Friday) Sparkling Wine

Everyone needs some sparkle in their lives!! Sparkling wine can be made any where in the world but depending on the method of production, how long the wine has spent resting in cellars,  the grape varieties used can give a very different outcome. Delve into the different sparkling wines from around Europe.  

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Looking to organise a fun night in. We can arrange tastings for private groups or companies. We will supply wine, beer or spirit samples (which can be delivered to each person), arrange an online event and bring everyone through the samples in a fun, informative way. Contact us to book either via email or phone 0868418909